Who We Are

BESCA is our school's version of a parent-teacher organization. It stands for Booksin Elementary School Community Association. If you have a student at Booksin, you're automatically a member of BESCA. We raise money to support programs such as art, science labs, music, resiliency programs, field trips, and much more! We partner with the school's administration and staff to enhance & enrich the school experience for ALL students that attend Booksin. 

How Does BESCA Support Booksin?

BESCA raises and spends approximately $230,000 each year to fund programs and events that benefit every Booksin student and enrich our community. San Jose Unified School District (SJUSD) does not have adequate funding to provide programs such as art, music, science labs, and garden. BESCA provides funds for these programs, supports field trips, and provides funds for teachers to use in their classrooms. BESCA's main source of funding is our annual Walkathon event. BESCA also supports the school with volunteers that are active inside the classroom and behind the scenes to create a culture of parent involvement that helps our school thrive.  See more about the Programs & Events BESCA supports.

BESCA Board 2018-2019

BESCA has 7 elected parent officers and an advisory board made up of the school principal and 3 teachers.  Feel free to contact us anytime.

President, Jennifer Maddox
VP Communications, Anne Herz
VP Community Events, Michelle Pilling and Katie Davis
VP Volunteers, Shabnum Husain
VP Finance, Sunshine Benke
Secretary, Jill Cleveland
Treasurer, Maryanne Evans

View our Election Statements of Intent to learn more about us.



Generally, meetings are Tuesday evenings of most months. See our Calendar for specific dates.


7pm in the Booksin Library


You! If you are a parent or guardian of a student at Booksin, you should come to our BESCA meetings. You are a part of our community, and the work we do directly affects and benefits your children. It's also a great time to meet other parents in your community.


This is a great way to stay in touch with your Booksin community. We discuss and plan how to spend the money we raise. We also discuss programs we fund and how they are working. We discuss events we are planning, volunteer needs, and the status of many programs that we run. In addition, our principal gives an update on school news.


Read our official bylaws to understand how BESCA is governed.


Contact us to request our financial info.


Doing business with BESCA? New in 2018 we will be conducting business online for all expenses and deposits. Please use the online forms below.