Corporate Matching Donations at Booksin

—> Looking to do an Apple or Google 2 for 1 match and want your student to get Walkathon credit? Follow our Special Cases instructions below.

Booksin Elementary School Community Organization (BESCA) is a California 501(c)3 Non­Profit Organization: Tax ID #23­7399164.

Many companies match charitable donations made by their employees. Corporate Match is a great way to maximize your contributions to Booksin - including monetary donations and volunteer hours. It’s free money for us and only takes a few minutes of your time.

You have several options to make a donation to Booksin: 

  • Donate online or via cash/check as a Walkathon pledge (available late September)

  • Donate directly through your company’s corporate match provider (Benevity, Your Cause, etc.)

  • Donate directly to BESCA online

  • Donate your time to Booksin by volunteering then submitting your hours to your company for matching

Regardless of how you donate, you will complete a similar process with your company in order to qualify for the match. Each company handles corporate matching a little differently, and you can usually find information on your company’s intranet about the process to submit donations for corporate match. Here are some things you will generally need: 

  • BESCA (Booksin Elementary School Community Association) is the recipient organization for your match

  • BESCA is a California 501(c)3 Non­Profit Organization: Tax ID #23­7399164

  • Donation receipt for monetary donations

  • BESCA Address is 1590 Dry Creek Rd, San Jose, CA 95125

If you need any additional information or forms, please contact

Walkathon Pledge Matching

Walkathon pledge donations should be entered into Dojiggy using the information on your child’s pledge account sheet (available in late Sept). This ensures that your child gets credit for the donation and is eligible for awards. 

Please Note: The amount your company matches will not be applied to Top Club and other awards.

Making your donation through Dojiggy ensures your child gets instant credit for your donation and significantly simplifies the process for our volunteers. Here’s how to donate and get credit for the match:

  1. Make your Walkathon pledge donations in Dojiggy using the information on your child’s pledge account sheet. You can donate by credit card or cash/check.

  2. You will receive a tax receipt via email. Use this receipt to request a match through your company’s corporate matching process. 

Special Cases

Many companies offer the option of donating directly to BESCA through the company’s matching page. We do not recommend this for Walkathon pledges, as it creates extra work for our volunteers to ensure your child receives credit for the donation. However, we know there are sometimes special circumstances that require you to donate directly through your company. 

If you make a donation directly through your company (such as in the case of Apple or Google’s 2 for 1 match offer), you must fill out the Special Case Pledges Form if you would like your child to receive Walkathon pledge credit for the donation. Donations must be entered by the pledge deadline of Oct 11 at midnight to be counted for awards. Questions about donations made directly through your company should be sent to

If you have any other corporate match questions, please email