Cash and Check (Door to Door) Pledges

We recommend asking all of your donors to submit their own pledges to you via credit card on your personal Fundraising Page as it saves our volunteers a lot of time. If they do, you will have no additional work of collecting money after the Walkathon. 

However, if you choose to solicit cash or check donations in person, you might find it helpful to use a Door to Door Pledge Organizer to keep track of your donors. This worksheet is for your personal use only - please do not turn it in to the school. If you collect cash or check donations, you MUST enter them into your personal Fundraising Page BEFORE the walkathon in order to participate.

Please hold onto any cash or checks you have collected until after the walkathon. A Collections Report will be sent home on Monday Oct 15th with instructions on how to submit any cash or check payments based on the data you entered on your Fundraising Page.