2019 Tickets


2019 Tickets

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Buy drinks, breakfast items, some lunch foods, snacks, and “Crazy Hair” with these tickets. Food is served all day at Walkathon. All items typically range from one ticket to five tickets each. No cash accepted at most booths. (Cash will be accepted at Food Trucks. Tickets will not be accepted at Food trucks.) Avoid the lines at Walkathon, get in on presale pricing and buy online today!

What Can You Get?

  • 5 Tickets - Crazy Hair

  • 4 Tickets - Handmade local tamale or Burrito

  • 3 Tickets - Cupcake or Bagel with Cream Cheese

  • 2 Tickets - Donut, Granola/Energy Bar, Soda, Gatorade, Juice box, Candy

  • 1 Ticket - Water, Coffee, Tea, Bagel, Chips, Fruit

Presale Pricing

  • $10 for 12 Tickets (that’s a free gatorade)

  • $20 for 25 Tickets (that’s 5 free tickets)

  • $40 for 50 Tickets (that’s 2 free Crazy Hair!)

All tickets purchased online may be picked up on October 12th at the Ticket Booth.

Online sales close October 9, 2019 at 10 pm. Tickets will be $1 each on the day of Walkathon at the Tickets booth.

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