Louie’s Luau, Walkathon 2019

Saturday, October 12th, 2019, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

BESCA has held an annual Walkathon for over 30 years. This tradition is one of the most loved events at Booksin. Students walk all day to raise money for Booksin through pledges and to earn prizes for the miles they walk. In addition, BESCA raises money through a variety of other activities offered at the Walkathon, including a wide variety of food options, a Marketplace, Teacher Fun Drawing, Fun with Friends, and a Silent Auction. Kids can take breaks to get crazy hair or tattoos. It's an all day party for our community that includes over 800 children and their families!

Over 95% of our funding for the year is raised at the Walkathon event. It is the one event each year we ask every student and family to participate in helping us raise money to support the many programs and events that enrich our students. 



Walking for Pledges

The primary focus for the Walkathon is the walking. Students collect pledges for walking for their school. The pledges from Walkathon contribute over 75% of the total raised at the event. We recommend a pledge goal of $250 per student, yet understand that circumstances for each family are different. Most importantly, we want all of our students involved in helping raise money for their school, while having fun. The more they walk, the more prizes they earn! 

Check out our handy online Pledge System and get your pledges in before the October 11 deadline. If you have questions about pledging, view our FAQ.

Students must bring a signed permission sheet to the Walkathon in order to walk.

Silent Auction

About 15% of the money raised at Walkathon comes from the Silent Auction. While students are walking all day, parents can take a break to browse the many auction items. Bidding is all done online, so grandparents and friends that aren't at the event can still participate! Auction typically has gift cards, sports tickets, vacation homes, kids' baskets, summer camps, and much more! Bidding on auction items is a great way to treat yourself or buy a gift and support BESCA.

Fun with Friends

Many people in our community like to host parties or events at their house, so why not earn money for our school while hosting? Fun with Friends' hosts offer an event, such as dinner, wine tasting, poker night, or a hike, and set a maximum number of people they can accommodate and the price of a ticket. Anyone can purchase a ticket for a Fun with Friends event and all the proceeds from the tickets go to BESCA. Hosting or attending an event is a great way to support your school!

Teacher Fun Drawing

Teacher Fun Drawing is a much anticipated part of Walkathon for many students. We sell tickets for a chance for your student to attend a special event with your child's teacher or the principal. Details for each teacher's event are posted and you can purchase one or many tickets for your chance to win!


What better way to show your Booksin pride than with Booksin gear? Marketplace is THE place to shop for Booksin sweatshirts, t-shirts, stuffed bulldogs (our mascot), and much more! Marketplace also sells breakfast items and sweet treats at Walkathon - be sure to purchase tickets ahead of time for food items.


Walking all day makes for hungry kids and families. At Walkathon, you'll find a variety of food options, including donuts, bagels, tamales, snack and candy at the BOO-tique. Be sure to purchase tickets ahead of time for these food items. Students can also earn food prizes by walking. 

New this year, we also have a wide range of food trucks that will be offering items for every taste. Food trucks will accept cash or credit card. Breakfast items from Waffles Amore, Mona’s Fruits provides sweet treats that are good to eat, delicious Hotdogs and burgers are available from Quick Dog, Takoz Mod Mex will be serving up taco classics with a unique spin, and to top it off Kona Ice will be here to provide cold hawaiian shaved ice.  We will be getting 20% of proceeds so feel good spending your money as we raise money for the school.

Crazy Hair

At an all day party, nothing shows how much fun you're having better than a crazy hairdo! Volunteers paint and sculpt hair into crazy styles to delight the kids and keep them motivated to keep walking! Purchase crazy hair for your kids with tickets.


While we know our kids would walk for the joy of knowing they're helping their school, we also know it's more fun to know your miles earn you fantastic prizes! From keychains to food to special experiences, our prize team works each year to have a fun slate of prizes to keep the kids walking for more!



What to do BEFORE Walkathon

  • Collect Pledges: Your primary job is to help your children meet their goal of raising at least $250 in pledges per student. You can solicit pledges from family, friends, neighbors, or go door to door and ask. We value every donation, no matter the size. We also understand that the circumstances for every family are different and ask that you do your best to support us in our fundraising goals. See detailed information on collecting and reporting pledges.

  • Buy Tickets: Our food & drink booths at Walkathon’s Marketplace do not accept cash, so you will need tickets to purchase food and drinks. Tickets are available online prior to the Walkathon and are available day of Walkathon at the Ticket Booth. (NOTE: Food trucks will accept cash or credit card.)

  • Buy Teacher Fun Drawing Tickets: Buy raffle tickets for a chance to win a spot for your child at a fun event hosted by the teacher! Tickets are available at Walkathon, or buy ahead online?

  • Preview Auction Items: Check out the auction items online and place your max bids before Walkathon so you can concentrate on the walking at the event.

  • Pack a Bag: Pack a bag the evening before Walkathon with sunscreen, a refillable water bottle for everyone in your family, jackets, extra socks, favorite snacks, etc. so you'll be ready to go first thing Saturday morning. Also, if you have children with allergies to bees or specific food allergies, please make sure you bring what you need.

  • Review the Rules: Take a few minutes to review the official Walkathon rules and make sure your child is aware of the rules.

Walkathon Day

Walkathon really is a full day event. New families are often surprised at how long their kids can make it walking. Here are some tips to help your day go smoothly:

  • Bring a Tent: Many families bring a tent/shade structure to serve as a home base for their family. Tents can be set up along the walk course on the grass field. You will be able to purchase tent slots prior to Walkathon. There will be designated tents for each grade provided free of charge. Bring chairs, blankets, and whatever else will help keep your family comfortable as you settle in for the day. Your camp can also serve as a rest zone for little ones. Plan ahead with other families so you can socialize while your kids are walking. 

  • Dress Right: You are going to be there all day, so be comfortable! Make sure your kids wear their Walkathon t-shirt and everyone in your family should wear comfortable pants and shoes. Layers are helpful, especially as the day warms up. Sometimes a change of socks is helpful when little feet get tired and hot. 

  • Expect to Walk A LOT: Your kids will walk all day - really! Parents of kids that were certain there was no way their kindergartener could walk 5 miles are astonished when they walk 10! Younger kids love to walk with parents or school friends and older one often run a lot. If you expect your child to walk more than 10 miles, a little vaseline between the toes and under arms can help prevent chafing and blisters. 

  • Hydrate and Fuel: Your main role as a parent is to make sure your kids are getting enough to eat and drink throughout the day. We offer a variety of food for purchase at Walkathon, including breakfast goodies, snacks, hot dogs and burgers, tamales, drinks, and coffee. We will have a water station set up along the course. You are also welcome to bring snacks and drinks from home...you know your kids best, so bring things you know they will eat to keep them feeling good and energetic all day!

  • Bring a Credit Card: It may feel like you are spending a lot of money at Walkathon, and you likely are! Keep in mind this is the only major fundraiser we do at Booksin. One Saturday in October and you are done for the year. If you have friends with children at other schools, you probably know most of them fundraise all year long. Be as generous as you can, but don't stress about giving more than you are comfortable giving! Credit cards can be used at Marketplace, Silent Auction, Fun with Friends, Teacher Fun Drawing, and the Ticket Booth. 

  • Be Safe: We have volunteers everywhere the day of Walkathon and safety is our priority. While we want you to have fun with friends from the community, we also rely on you to check in with your kids, know where they are, and make sure they are being peaceful, aware, wise, and safe! There is a first aid station staffed all day at the event.

  • Guard Your Lap Card: Each student will receive a lap card when they register at Walkathon. They'll wear it around their neck and it will be punched each time they complete a lap. This card is required to collect prizes, so make sure you don't lose it!

  • Turn In Lap Cards And Collect Your Prizes: Walkers earn prizes based on how many full miles they walk. Before you leave the Walkathon for the day, make sure you turn in your lap card and pick up your prizes at the Check Out Booth outside Room 24.

After Walkathon

  • Receive Personal Report: The Monday after the Walkathon, you will receive your student's personal report detailing how many miles they walked, whether they have outstanding money to collect, and any further collection instructions. (Insider tip: If you solicit all credit card pledges online, you will have no further work after the walkathon! Only cash and check pledges need to be collected.)

  • Collect Pledge Money: The most important thing you can do after Walkathon is to collect the money that was pledged. If you have solicited cash or check pledges, you will need to make sure you have collected and turned in all money by October 23rd at the latest.



General Rules

  • NO PETS are allowed at Booksin School on Walkathon Day

  • No alcohol is allowed on school property

  • No bicycles, scooters, skateboards, shoes with wheels, or other similar items will be allowed on campus during Walkathon.

Rules for the Integrity of Walkathon

  • The Walkathon route is one-third of a mile and will be clearly marked with fencing and boundaries. Each walker must complete a full lap to receive a punch on his or her Lap Card. The lap punching area will be monitored, as will the entire route at all times. Walkers may not be carried around the route. Walkers may not have someone else carry their card to be punched for them. Walkers must carry their own cards and have them punched for themselves.

  • The integrity of the Lap Card must be maintained to ensure a walker receives appropriate credit, prizes, and awards. Students are responsible for their own Lap Cards. Please do not tear, rip, or write on Lap Cards. Please return lost Lap Cards to the DJ Booth.

  • Students, alumni, families, staff, volunteers, and all participants are expected to act in a manner that is respectful to all other participants at all times.

Consequences of Cheating

  • The efforts, enthusiasm, and pride of accomplishment spent on Booksin School and the Walkathon are clearly phenomenal. Any breakdown in the integrity of participants at this event impacts all the students and their achievement.

  • We are proud of our students and know they are excited to participate and be successful. Please understand that individual and class honors are compromised when any individual attempts to inflate his or her own (or their child’s) achievement. Parents and all students must consider their behavior and understand the larger impact to the community.