Konstella at Booksin

Beginning with the 2018-2019 school year, BESCA started using Konstella for all room parent, event, committee, volunteer, and BESCA communications.  Konstella is an app built specifically for parent organizations to streamline communications and build community. 

What is Konstella?

Konstella is an application that provides a communication platform for school organizations. It is designed to house everything we need in one place, including calendars, announcements, volunteer signups, and much more.

Available for web, iOS and Android.

Getting Started

Signup is easy. At the beginning of each school year in August we will invite new families to join Konstella (generally the day that class lists come out). Returning families will retain their existing accounts. If you have joined Booksin mid-year, please Contact Us to get an invitation. You can sign up from your mobile device or on a web browser.  Please follow the instructions to create your account and assign your children to your classrooms.

User Guides

Check out these brief movies for a quick intro to Konstella at Booksin, view our YouTube Channel for more videos, or view our written user guide.


Usage Policies

"With great power comes great responsibility." - Ben Parker, Spiderman

Konstella is a powerful communication tool. Please review BESCA's Konstella Usage Policy.

Another app? Will we still have Shutterfly, Sign Up, Yahoo Groups, and iVolunteer?

Not another app...the ONLY app you need to stay informed! All BESCA announcements, room parent communications, and volunteer sign ups will happen in Konstella, replacing the need for other apps such as Shutterfly, SignUp, Yahoo Groups, and iVolunteer.

Benefits of Konstella

  • One single place to go for all of your school and classroom news.

  • Be more connected to your community and your classroom.

  • Volunteering is easy and you'll know exactly what you're signing up for.

  • Stay up to date with calendar syncing.

  • Have multiple kids? No more duplicate emails and notifications.

  • And many more...!

Need Help?

Our room parents and BESCA board are always available to help if you’re having trouble or need a little help getting started. Contact Us if you need help.